WAXONIL KID Ear Drops 10ml


WAXONIL KID Ear Drops 10ml

WAXONIL KID Ear Drops 10ml


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Information about Waxonil Kid Ear Drops

Waxonil Kid Ear Drops is formulated to treat ear concerns in kids. Waxonil Kid Ear Drop contains 100% virgin olive oil. Olive oil helps to treat earaches. This works by soothing the spots around the ears that are suffering from severe irritation. The product works for basic ear pains and does not contain stronger ingredients that might prove to be harmful to kids. This can be used straight out of the bottle, although it might be best to use a cotton ball to help apply the ear drop into a child ear.

Directions For Use:

1. Wash your hands
2. Shake the bottle
3. Gently pull your kid ear lobe away from neck.
4. Hold the dropper over the ear opening
5. Gently squeeze adequate number of drops
6. Keep your kid head tipped one side for a few minutes
7. Wipe away any excess medicine


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