Sunscreen Face Wash Gel 80 gm


Sunscreen Face Wash Gel 80 gm

Sunscreen Face Wash Gel 80 gm


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Sunscreen Face Wash Safe Sun Gel is a refreshing sunscreen face wash gel that is enriched with the goodness of grape & plum extracts, along with an innovative sun screen agent that has been recently invented. It forms a sparkling gel based face wash that forms an invisible sun protection film on your skin, leaving behind a light but pleasant scent that lasts long. You will need to wash your face every day with this innovative and result-oriented herbal face wash before applying your daily sunscreen lotion to provide complete sun shield to your skin. Besides the impeccable sun protection, the Safe Sun Gel face wash gives your face an instant brightness and proper moisturization, thus it does not dry out the face.

The Grape Extracts present in this revolutionary face wash cleanses the pores deeply, without hampering the skin?s natural pH balance. Another important ingredient is Plum Extracts that deposit a unique sunscreen agent on your face evenly and smoothen the skin. This face wash helps you in getting rid of that dull and tanned look instantly to make it brighter and fresher. It gives you a refreshing and rejuvenating feeling to inspire your senses and mood, even in bad sunny days. It will eliminate the use of an extra moisturizing cosmetic from your vanity as it perfectly takes care of your skin hydration and moisturization.


• Leaves an invisible sun protection film on the face.
• Contains an innovative sunscreen agent that has been recently invented.
• Gives a bright and glowing skin after each use.
• Moisturizes and hydrates your skin gently.
• Fit to be used for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
• Does not dry out the facial skin and does not make it sticky too.
• Leaves behind a sound scent that lasts long.
• Falls easy in range.


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