Sheamoist (Shea Butter & Real Strawberry 24-hr Moisturizer)


Sheamoist (Shea Butter & Real Strawberry 24-hr Moisturizer)

Sheamoist (Shea Butter & Real Strawberry 24-hr Moisturizer)


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Our facial skin becomes dry and dehydrated when we are exposed to dust and pollution every day. Here comes the need of a quality creamy moisturizer that helps our skin retain its natural moisture and keep it hydrated and healthy. Sheamoist Shea Butter & Real Strawberry 24hr Moisturizer is made up of shea butter that makes your skin soft & supple and strawberry extracts that soothe & tone skin gently. Endowed with natural ingredients, this unique moisturizer is suitable for all skin types and is proven to provide 24hr nonstop moisturization to your dry skin. This moisturizer is formulated to release moisture at regular time intervals to keep your skin hydrated. It has goodness of both strawberry moisturizer and shea butter moisturizer and thus acts doubly beneficial for long lasting skin moisturization.


• The goodness of shea butter moisturizes your skin extensively and makes your skin flawless and hydrated.
• Strawberries tone, nourish and brighten your skin to give you a healthy glow.
• Manufactured from all herbal ingredients, it is suitable for all skin types and works well for even sensitive skin.
• It also helps in treating acne.
• Has a long shelf life and comes in a hassle free flip cap bottle.
• Guarantees 24 hour long lasting moisturization.
• Works as an anti aging and skin repairing lotion to let your skin retain its natural beauty.
• Helps in protecting skin from UV rays as shea butter is an active ingredient in this product.
• Has a good consistency and absorbs in skin readily, without leaving a sticky feel behind.
• Leaves behind a delicious strawberry scent that lingers for a long time.

Daily usage of Sheamoist 24hr Moisturizer after bath leads to extraordinary results. Besides maintaining the perfect moisturization level on your skin, it adds up a nice natural glow to your complexion that lasts long.


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