Purodil Tablet 30’S

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Purodil Tablet 30’S


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Information about Aimil Purodil Tablet

Purodil Tablet is a herbal preparation. The formulation is categorised as a blood detoxifier and serves as a checkpoint to the growth of microbes and allergens in the blood. The cleansing action of such formulation provides protection to the skin and body from invading microbes and thereby avert the onset pf disease. The formulation is a safe and healthy for maintaining healthy skin. It provides nourishment and protection to the skin. It also serves as an immunity booster owing to its features such as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Benefits of Purodil Tablet:
Antimicrobial: Relieves from skin infections, by inhibiting the growth of microbes like, bacterial, fungus.
Antiallergic: Inhibits activity of allergens and allergic reactions of the skin.
Immunomodulator: Reinforces the body defence mechanism, by boosting the immune system and ensuring faster relief in acne.
Detoxifier: Modulates the detoxifying mechanism thus protecting skin against, chemical & environmental toxins.
Antioxidant: Rejuvenates the skin, and helps to prevent acne flare up.
Antistress: Re-energizes mind & body by providing de-stressors and adaptogens to cope up with stress-induced skin affections

Purodil Tablet is recommended for the treatment of skin problems such as acne, pimples, boils, urticaria, skin allergies and inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Direction for use:
Adults: – 2 capsules two times a day.
Children: – 1 capsule two times a day or as directed by Physician.

Use under medical supervision

Purodil Tablet 30’S

1 review for Purodil Tablet 30’S

  1. Lucas Laidlaw

    Very nice produc for acne and pimple and resuktafter 15 days.

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