Purifying Neem Face Wash 200 ml


Purifying Neem Face Wash 200 ml

Purifying Neem Face Wash 200 ml


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Purifying Neem Face Wash

Give your tender facial skin a dose of pure herbs like Neem & Turmeric every time you wash your face. This Purifying Neem Face Wash removes all the everyday impurities, dirt & pollution from your face to give you a squeaky clear skin. This purifying skin wash is designed and developed with a completely herbal soap-free formulation to prevent many skin imperfections like pimples and acne, thereby giving you a flawless beauty to flaunt.

Although there are a lot of herbal face products available in the market with similar claims, this Neem Face Wash practically fills your skin with health, natural shine and moisture, without leaving a sticky feel behind. Neem is enriched with tremendous antibacterial properties to heal your skin from within and give you a natural radiant glow. Turmeric on the other hand has profound medicinal properties to naturally tone your skin and make it look healthier and clearer.

Pros of this skin purifying Neem Face Wash:

1) Leaves behind a mild refreshing fragrance behind that rejuvenates your senses.

2) Deeply cleans the face to remove the everyday dirt, impurities and excess oil.

3) A small quantity lathers well to gear up the face washing process.

4) Contains active Neem that is enriched with antibacterial properties to heal your skin from within.

5) Comes in a nice easy to use and travel safe tube packaging.

6) Easily available and is decently priced to suit your pocket.

7) Soothes and softens your skin to improve its texture.

8) Works wonders in treating several skin infections like pimples & acne.

9) Evens out your skin tone and improves your skin complexion.

10) Fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin.


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