Protein Shampoo Extra Moisturizing 100 ml


Protein Shampoo Extra Moisturizing 100 ml

Protein Shampoo Extra Moisturizing 100 ml


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Bid adieu to all your hair worries like dryness, hair fall, dandruff and other hair damage due to several everyday reasons that are unavoidable. Here is a Protein Shampoo to provide extra intense moisturization to your scalp and hair. Hair is a delicate part of our body and thus need to be fed proper moisture and essential nutrients everyday in order to restore its smoothness. This protein shampoo with extra moisturizer will prove to be the best shampoo out of all those you have already tried. It is enriched with exclusive pure ingredients like Fenugreek, Sesame, Netted Melon, Aloe Vera, Palandu, Methi and Tila. This Herbal Protein Shampoo works wonders in treating the problems associated with hair and scalp as it is also paraben free.

Give your hair that luxury nourishment and the goodness of essential benefits that will gradually strengthen your hair to reduce hair fall, meanwhile protecting it from the everyday environmental damage. This revolutionary protein shampoo is specially formulated to treat dry and frizzy hair as they need extra moisturizing, hydration and nourishment to be manageable and silky.


Makes your hair strong, soft and manageable.
Provides complete nourishment to your hair.
Deeply moisturizes and hydrates your scalp and hair.
Reduces hair fall efficiently.
Contains pure extracts of herbs that are enriched with protein.
Shields your hair and scalp from the everyday environmental damage.
Comes in a sturdy, travel friendly packaging.
Decently priced and is value for money.
Does not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives.
Has a long shelf life.


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