Protein Conditioner Repair & Regeneration 200 ml


Protein Conditioner Repair & Regeneration 200 ml

Protein Conditioner Repair & Regeneration 200 ml


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Made with an expertise to handle and treat dry, frizzy hair, we present to you this Protein Conditioner that guarantees Repair & Regeneration pertaining to your hair. This herbal conditioner is enriched with pure natural protein rich extracts like Aloe Vera, Yarrow, Chanaka, and Bean Sprouts. These incredible ingredients efficiently rejuvenate your hair. While the key ingredient Aloe Vera naturally moisturizes, Yarrow deeply conditions and Chanaka & Bean Sprouts feed essential protein to your scalp and hair. Thus a perfect blend of these ingredients in this herbal conditioner offers complete hair strength and nourishment for your dry or frizzy hair.

Besides these advantages to your hair, this Repair & Regeneration Conditioner controls hair fall and serves as a protective shield for your hair against the everyday environmental damages. For all those people who long for healthy, vibrant and full of life hair, this revolutionary conditioner will be an appropriate choice. It has a mild cooling action on your hair scalp and strengthens your hair to make you feel confident and beautiful about your precious hair.


• It is made with an herbal formulation to be completely safe for hair.
• Fit to be used by people with artificially coloured or permed hair.
• Contains all naturally sound hair benefitting ingredients.
• Makes hair satiny smooth and super soft.
• Enhances the overall quality of your hair.
• Replenishes the natural bounce and shine to your hair.
• Comes in a decent travel friendly packaging.
• Has a long shelf life and has a good consistency.
• Moderately priced and is value for money.
• Does not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives.


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