Prostina Capsule 10’S


Prostina Capsule 10’S

Prostina Capsule 10’S


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Information about Prostina Capsule

Prostina contains the main active ingredient of Vapusha (200 mg) which has been used to cure urinary tract infections and kidney stones . It also contains Pravala (Corallium rubrum) 125 mg, Purified Silajit 40 mg, Chandan Oil (Oil of Santalum album) and other natural properties.
It is a natural remedy for benign prostatic hypertrophy. Each Prostina capsule is therefore a powerful urinary infection medicine. Prostina eradicates infection causing bacteria in the urinary tract and helps to keep bladder infections at bay. The only known side effect is flatulence which may occur in few cases.

Directions of uses:

The recommended dosage of Prostina capsules is 2 capsules twice a day. Always wash down the medication with a full glass of water.


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