Pregnacream Cream 100gm

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Pregnacream Cream 100gm

Pregnacream 100gm


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Pregnacream is an advanced skin nutrient formula which provides the pure extract of aloe vera along with allantoin and vitamin E to prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy. It helps in improving suppleness of stretching skin and provides radiance and smoothness to skin and hence is also recommended for achieving younger looking skin on face and neck. It is safe during and after pregnancy, dermatologically tested, and also it is 100% free from artificial colours.

Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body due to the stretching of the skin. It occurs when the lower layer of the skin containing collagen and elastin, which give our skin its elasticity, becomes damaged by a rapid weight loss or weight gain, such as in pregnancy. The small blood vessels beneath the surface become more visible with stretching which gives purple appearance of the stretch mark on the skin. Pregna cream is formulated with gentle plant extracts contains lavender and citrus fragrance. Vitamin C and vitamin E present in it gently protects, nourishes and moisturizes stretching skin.


  • Aloe vera
  • Allantoin
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc oxide
  • D-panthenol
  • Magnesium sulphate


  • Used to prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy
  • Improves suppleness of stretching skin and provides radiance and smoothness to skin
  • Gently protects, nourishes and moisturizes stretching skin


Pregnacream generally does not cause any reactions. If you experience any reactions like redness and itching on the skin surface, skin irritation and burning. Check with your healthcare professional.


  • For external use only.
  • Massage gently into the stomach, waist, thighs and breasts, avoiding the nipple area
  • Can be used daily during pregnancy, and also ideal for contracting skin after pregnancy.
  • Do not apply this cream on broken or irritated skin. In case of irritation, discontinue use and if the problem persists consult your healthcare professional.
  • Avoid contact with delicate clothing, fabrics and other materials which may stain.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of its components.
  • Apply daily for better results.


  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Store below 25°C in a dry and dark place
  • Do not freeze
  • Always replace the cap.


Q: What is the use of Pregnacream
A: It is used for effective treatment of stretch marks.

Q: Can Pregnacream be used with medicines simultaneously?
A: It is free from any drugs or hormones. For more specific advice, it is recommended to contact your doctor.

Q: When Pregnacream is recommended?
A: It is recommended when the skin starts to stretch during the first trimester. This is because the sooner potential stretch marks are cared for when they are red or reddish purple the more likely you are to lessen their appearance. Once they begin to smooth and fade they become less obvious and far more difficult to treat successfully.

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  1. Freddie

    Its Best Cream useful to my wife during Pregnancy and also after Pregnancy for stretch mark, Best Service ever world wide.

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