POSTAC Gel(Topical) 20gm

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POSTAC Gel(Topical) 20gm


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Information about Postac Cream

Postac Cream contains Centella asiatica, Pine bark extract, Shea butter, Allantoin, and Coriander seed oil as main active ingredients. Postac cream treats post acne pitted scars.It does not contain Hydroquinone or Tretinoin and hence it is suitable for daytime use with sun exposure.

Key benefits/uses of Postac Cream:
Role of active ingredients:
– Centella asiatica: Levels the pitted scar, acts as a fibroblast proliferator
– Pine Bark Extract: Treats dark post-acne spots and acts as a potent antioxidant
– Shea Butter: Rich in skin nutrients and excellent moisturizer
– Allantoin: Antioxidant and skin smoother
– Coriander Seed Oil: Promotes skin smoothening

Directions for use:
– Apply the formulation gently on the affected area as directed by the physician

– Post acne scar

Safety information:
– For external use only
– Read the label carefully before use
– Keep out of the reach and sight of children

1 review for POSTAC Gel(Topical) 20gm

  1. John Porter

    Best gel for the Acne problems.
    Thank You for fast delivery.

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