Oxitard Capsule 10’S


Oxitard Capsule 10’S

Oxitard Capsule 10’S


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Information about Himalaya Oxitard Capsule

Himalaya Oxitard Capsules is a natural antioxidant which contains Amra/Mango and Amalaki/Indian Gooseberry.

Amra/Mango, despite being a fruit acts as a gastroprotective agent and helps build the body’s resistance to infections.It is also a potent immunomodulator, which builds up the body’s resistance to infections. Amalaki/Indian Gooseberry is an excellent source of vitamin C that helps stimulate the natural antioxidant enzyme system and accelerate cell regeneration. As a rejuvenative herb, Indian Gooseberry nourishes body tissues and accelerates the cell regeneration process. With its powerful nourishing qualities, it helps maintain energy levels and natural vitality.

Himalaya Oxitard Capsules are an effective natural antioxidant and helps prevents oxidation-related tissue damage. Due to its gastroprotective properties, these capsules also ensure ideal gastrointestinal functions. Himalaya Oxitard Capsules also boost the body’s ability to fight off infections.


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