Nulife 4mg Tablet 12’S


Nulife 4mg Tablet 12’S

Nulife 4mg Tablet 12’S


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NuLife should be chewed slowly until a ‘peppery’ taste appears in the mouth, and then parked between the gum and cheek until the taste fades. Intermittent chewing and parking should continue for 30 minutes. Do not eat or drink 15 minutes before or after chewing.

12-16 chewettes of NuLife per day is recommended for users who smoke 15-30 cigarettes / day during the initial days of therapy, one gum each at equal intervals. This should be tapered down by a quarter each month until the 4th month when complete cessation is achieved. Intermittent use to control craving is recommended to prevent relapse of tobacco dependence.

NuLife is not recommended for patients with gastric ulcers and dentures. Caution must be excercised if symptoms such as jaw fatigue, soreness, gastrointestinal upset (like gaseous distension, hiccups, nausea) occur. Medical intervention will be required for over-dose. Seek medical advise prior to use during pregnancy and lactation.


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