Milk Pack (Skin Lightner & Nourisher) 35 gm


Milk Pack (Skin Lightner & Nourisher) 35 gm

Milk Pack (Skin Lightner & Nourisher) 35 gm


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Getting a fairer and even complexion is a dream that everybody sees. Although there are a lot of fairness options available in the market today, a quality herbal face pack has skin whitening and perfecting benefits beyond horizons. This revolutionary Skin Lightening & Nourishing Milk Pack is specially formulated with latest scientific technology and pure herbs to make your precious skin lighter, luminous and softer. This herbal milk pack gives amazing long lasting results due to its unique formula that is enriched with lactic acid to act as a natural anti tanning pack.

Another special feature of this revolutionary product is that it works effectively for all age groups and does not have any side effects, whatsoever. It gently cleanses, nourishes and lightens your skin to leave it baby smooth to give you a long lasting refreshed glowing look. The active Ingredients involved are Dried Yogurt, Soya Protein, Hydrolyzed Protein, Amino Acid, Vitamin A, C & E and Minerals.


• It is a mild face pack that can be used regularly.
• Comes in a hassle free and sturdy packaging.
• Has a long shelf life as each application requires only a little amount.
• Made up of all herbal ingredients and thus causes no skin allergies or irritation.
• Fit to be used by all the skin types, including sensitive skin.
• It lightens skin pigmentation to make it fairer.
• Curbs skin ageing and enhances skin glow noticeably.
• Contains skin perfecting ingredients which prevent skin darkening.
• Slows down melanin production to make your skin look fairer and healthier.
• Decently priced and is value for money.


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