Love Actually (Moisturizing Bathing Bar) 125 gm


Love Actually (Moisturizing Bathing Bar) 125 gm

Love Actually (Moisturizing Bathing Bar) 125 gm


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We are exposed to many dangerous and infectious chemicals, gases and other skin irritants that can damage our skin in our everyday life. As a result of which, our skin gets in contact with dust, pollution and other harmful unhygienic substances that damage our skin and might lead to infections or diseases. Maintain the health and hydration of your skin with this Love Actually Soap that efficiently supplies your tender skin all the essential nutrients and moisturization it needs. This moisturizing bathing bar repairs the everyday wear and tear that your skin undergoes from and loses its natural moisture in the process.

Enriched with profound herbal ingredients like Rose Oil, Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Saffron and Sugar Crystals, this extraordinary bathing soap will unravel a whole new luxury bathing experience for you. It simply hydrates your skin from deep within to relieve all the skin irritation and discomfort. Besides all these skin perfecting benefits, this extraordinary skin cleanser also exfoliates your skin to remove the dead skin and impurities from your skin, thereby revealing a refreshed and satiny smooth flawless skin.


1) Adds a healthy radiant glow to your tender skin.

2) Gives you a flawless satiny smooth skin to enhance your overall appearance.

3) Offers a dose of healthy nourishment and moisturization for your skin.

4) Useful in healing many skin infections and disorders.

5) Deeply cleans and cleanses skin, without ripping it of its natural moisture.

6) Removes skin impurities, thereby restoring a unique natural glow.

7) Contains herbal skin purifying ingredients like Glycerine and Aloe Vera.

8) Maintains your skin naturally soft and supple.

9) Does not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives.

10) Decently priced and has a long shelf life.


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