Longifene-A Syrup 200ml


Longifene-A Syrup 200ml

Longifene-A Syrup


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Information about Longifene-A Syrup

Longifene A syrup is an ayurvedic appetite stimulant, designed especially for children. It is used in underweight children to help them gain weight by increasing appetite. It contains herbal extracts which have a stimulating effect on peptic juices, thus it improves appetite and ensures regular food intake.
Longifene A syrup increases secretions of the salivary and gastric glands, and promotes digestion. It also helps in emptying of stomach by relieving constipation and flatulence.

Benefits of Longifene A syrup:

Stimulates natural appetite
Promotes digestion
Aids in weight gain
Relieves constipation
Destroys intestinal worms

Longifene A syrup is an effective appetite stimulant, which helps in weight gain in under nourished and malnourished children.


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