Livogen Captab Tablet 15’S


Livogen Captab Tablet 15’S

Livogen Captab Tablet


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Product Description

What is Livogen Captab Tablet?

Livogen Captab contains iron and vitamin B9 (folic acid) is indicated for the subsequent conditions:

helps to replenish iron stores and increases red blood cell levels in the body
fights the symptoms of anemia such as fatigue, paleness, weakness, inability to concentrate and dizziness

What Livogen Captab Tablet is used for?

Livogen Captab contains the below mentioned components, which have the following uses:


Ferrous fumarate is a type of iron salt which allows better absorption in the body and has comparable tolerability. Iron is a vital mineral, that forms part of red blood cells which carry oxygen round the body
Folic acid:

It is vital for production of red blood cells and for development of the baby during pregnancy. It is also required to regulate the growth of red blood cells

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