Lemonpure (Turmeric & Lemon Cleansing Milk)


Lemonpure (Turmeric & Lemon Cleansing Milk)

Lemonpure (Turmeric & Lemon Cleansing Milk)


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Lemonpure (Turmeric & Lemon Cleansing Milk) is a safe and easy one stop solution for intensive deep cleansing and removing make-up. Wild Turmeric is the main active ingredient in this product which is endowed with antiseptic properties and is thus responsible for rejuvenating the skin. Lemon Peel extracts serve as antioxidants and hundred percent natural skin cleansers to draw out your younger skin. This unique milk cleanser is endowed with astringent properties of lemon which help in extracting impurities from the skin. Turmeric, besides working as an antiseptic, also maintains the right moisture level on the skin and preserves natural elasticity of the skin.

Lemonpure (Turmeric & Lemon Cleansing Milk) cleanser is also free from any harsh or harmful chemical preservatives that make it fit to use for all skin types, including skin. This organic lotion is loaded with the extreme goodness of turmeric and lemon peel which makes skin happy and healthy. Therefore we strongly recommend this herbal cleansing milk for your everyday needs as it does not mere cleanse your face and remove your make up, but also enhances the quality of your skin with each use.


1) Lemonpure (Turmeric & Lemon Cleansing Milk) gently removes the entire face make up, leaving the skin soft and supple.

2) Leaves behind a light lemony scent that refreshes your senses and lasts long.

3) Cleanses face without making it over dry or uncomfortable.

4) Lemonpure (Turmeric & Lemon Cleansing Milk) is easy and quick to use.

5) Has a long shelf life and is less expensive than other similar product in the market.

6) Gives you optimum deep cleansing and your pores feel cleaner.

7) As this herbal lotion does not contain any harmful chemicals, it does not sting your eyes.

8) Comes in a hassle free pump bottle that makes it easy to use.

9) Fit to use for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

10) Maintains the right level of moisturization on your face, without making it over greasy.

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