Jufex Forte Syrup 100ml


Jufex Forte Syrup 100ml

Jufex Forte Syrup 100ml


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Jufex Forte Syrup is specially formulated using natural ingredients and helps soothe sore throat, allergic and congestive cough, etc. This non-addictive syrup stimulates easy expectoration and relieves chest congestion. It has an antihistamine effect and also helps relieve the smoker’s cough so you can enjoy a normal lifestyle.

Key Benefits

  • Loaded with herbal ingredients that help boost immunity against allergies and infections.
  • Keeps a check on allergic and congestive coughs.
  • Helps soothe sore throat and relieves smoker’s cough.
  • Acts as an immunomodulator.
  • Has a non-addictive and non-sedative formula.

Directions for Use

  • Use under medical supervision.

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Don’t exceed the stated dose.

Key Ingredients

Chhoti kateli, Lasora, Gojihva, ulethi, Vansa, Tulasi, Unnab, Harad, Appamarg Panchang, Jufa, Kakra Singhi , Gul Banafsha, Baheda , Kulanjan, Hansraj, Sheetal Chini , Pippali, Sonth, Alsi beej , Anjeer, Khubbaji, Talis Pater, Dalchini, Tejpater, Lal munnaka, Giloy, Kali Mirach, Kalongi , Khatmi, Amla , Kaiphal , Tumburu, Kadhi Patta, Laung, Saunf , Amaltas beej, Kapur, Naushdhar sudh, Pudina satva, Sudha suhaga, Tulsi Oil , Adrak Juice.


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