Jojoba & Neem Face Scrub 100 gm


Jojoba & Neem Face Scrub 100 gm

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People with oily or sensitive skin types have to be extra careful while choosing for any skin care cosmetic product. This is so because their skin needs are quite different from other skin types and their skin can easily get damaged or ruptured. When it comes to especially skin scrubbing, selecting an optimum quality herbal scrub is the safest bet for such people. We present to you this gel based gentle scrub that contains fine Jojoba Beads, Neem Extract, and Wheat Germ Oil which deeply clean your skin by removing excessive oil & dull skin cells.

This oily skin scrub also works wonders in improving your skin’s elasticity and suppleness and giving you the incredible gift of a naturally beautiful and clear skin. The botanical nutrients and essential oils present in this sensitive scrub gently exfoliate your skin without rupturing or damaging it like other conventional scrubs.


1) Improves your skin’s elasticity to restore its softness and suppleness.

2) Exfoliates dull skin cells with essential nutrients to deeply cleanse your skin.

3) Contains pure herbal skin benefitting ingredients like Jojoba Beads & Wheat Germ Oil.

4) Efficiently removes excessive oil and dull skin cells from your skin without rupturing it.

5) Adds a healthy radiant glow to your appearance, leaving behind a refreshing aroma.

6) Does not cause any post usage skin redness or irritation like conventional scrubs.

7) Comes in a sturdy and travel friendly packaging.

8) Decently priced and has a long shelf life.

9) Fit to be used by all skin types, especially sensitive and oily skin types.

10) Does not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives.


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