Grape Fruit Face Wash (Cleansing & Lightening) 120 gm


Grape Fruit Face Wash (Cleansing & Lightening) 120 gm

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Grapefruit is known worldwide for its infinite advantages to your health, but in the field of cosmetics, it has gained recognition beyond measures. Besides being an agent for effective weight loss, cholesterol reduction and prevention of heart diseases and cancer, grapefruit promises effortless healthy and beautiful skin without any modern expensive beauty treatments. This face wash has a lot of vitamins and minerals, the skin cells tend to be healthy and strong. The aromatic fragrance which automatically adds up to herbal cosmetics manufactured with grapefruit as its basic ingredient, is extensively therapeutic and refreshing.

Today grapefruit is a main herbal ingredient in many cosmetics like face washes, shampoos and moisturizers. Grapefruit face washes have gained special popularity in masses because the presence of anti-oxidants fights free radicals in the skin and prevent lines, wrinkles, blemishes and discolorations which make your skin look older and aged. Further this herbal face wash enhances your skin tone and gently cleanses and lightens it. People with oily skin benefit more than those with normal skin with the regular use of grapefruit herbal cosmetics. Although being herbal and completely natural in nature, grapefruit face washes are fit for all skin types equally and have no side effects at all, whatsoever.

Grapefruit Face Wash serves well as a soap free cleanser which means it will not hamper your skin with the ill results of soapy face washes. Endowed with the goodness of active ingredients such as Vitamin E and herbal extracts of peach and tea tree oil, skin gets deeply cleansed and nourished, without losing its natural essential oils and health. It is proved to tighten pores, soothe and revitalize skin and treat acne, freeing your skin from multiple impurities. We would strongly recommend this light face wash to all who have ever dreamt of getting that celebrity like naturally glowing skin.


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