Fairgel(Liquorice & Green Tea Fainess Gel) 100 gm


Fairgel(Liquorice & Green Tea Fainess Gel) 100 gm

Fairgel(Liquorice & Green Tea Fainess Gel) 100 gm


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Fairgel Liquorice and Green Tea Fairness Gel stimulates synergetic action to regulate the activity of tyrosine to prevent darkening of the skin. It is light and easily absorbs in the skin to revitalize cutaneous cells, prevent skin ageing and enhance skin?s natural glow. This is an organic fairness gel that lightens skin pigmentation to make it healthier and fairer. This organic fairness gel is a bright green herbal gel that is available in a transparent plastic pump bottle which is not so sturdy and the quantity of gel that it dispenses is just perfect for one time application.

Fairgel also has a very mild green tea like synthetic fragrance. Because of its perfect consistency, it quickly gets absorbed in the skin and works wonders with only a small amount. Once completely absorbed in the skin, the active enzymes present in the gel start working instantly and act on your face to makes your complexion visibly lighter. All in all, Fairgel is a safe bet towards your way to fairness.


• Its a light gel that absorbs in skin easily and does not irritate your skin with its weight like other fairness gels.
• Comes in a hassle free and hygienic pump bottle.
• Has a long shelf life as each application requires only a little amount.
• Can easily be mixed with your other daily make up cosmetics.
• Made up of all herbal ingredients and thus causes no skin allergies or irritation.
• Fit to be used by all the skin types, including sensitive skin.
• It lightens skin pigmentation to make it fairer.
• Curbs skin ageing, enhances skin glow and revitalises cutaneous cells.
• Contains Liquorice and Green Tea extracts which prevent skin darkening.
• Slows down melanin production to make your skin look fairer and healthy.


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