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Medical Description

Eslevo Tablet is an antibiotic medicine. It is used for the treatment of bacterial infection of the lungs, throat, airways, nose, ears, urinary tract, skin and soft tissues. It contains levofloxacin. Eslevo Tablet works killing the bacteria responsible for infection by blocking action of certain enzymes essential for DNA relplication, repair etc. It should be taken as directed by the doctor and in doses and duration as prescribed. It can be taken with or without food. Do not stop taking this medicine if you feel better within a few days. Always finish the course of antibiotic medicine for effective treatment. Before using Eslevo Tablet, inform the doctor if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding and about your detailed medical history.

Uses of Eslevo 250 MG

Eslevo Tablet is used to treat different types of bacterial infections such as infection of throat, lung, sinus, kidney,urinary tract, skin and soft tissues.

Contraindications of Eslevo 250 MG

  • If you are allergic to levofloxacin or any other ingredients of this medicine.
  • If you are allergic to a class of medicines called fluoroquinolone. If you are not sure which are these medicines ask your doctor.
  • If you have a history of fits and seizures (epilepsy).
  • If you have tendons (tendonitis) related problems.
  • If you are below 18 years old.
  • If you are pregnant or are planning to have a baby or are breastfeeding.

Side effects of Eslevo 250 MG

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea

Precautions and Warnings of Eslevo 250 MG


Q: Can I take Eslevo Tablet during pregnancy?
A: There is limited safety information available about use of this medicine in pregnant women. If you conceive while taking this medicine, seek immediate medical advice.

Breast Feeding

Q: Can I take Eslevo Tablet while breastfeeding?
A: It is unknown if levofloxacin can pass into human breast milk. However, similar medicines can pass into human breast milk. Hence, Eslevo Tablet must not be only be used if prescribed by your doctor, while taking this medicine one should not breastfeed.


Q: Can I drive if I have consumed Eslevo Tablet?
A: You may experience sleepiness, dizziness and visual disturbances like a blurred vision while on treatment with Eslevo Tablet. Avoid driving or use any tools and machines if affected.


Q: Can I consume alcohol with Eslevo Tablet?
A: There is no known interaction between alcohol and this medicine. However, long term use of alcohol can weaken your immune system and body’s response to pathogens and infections. Consult your doctor for more information if you drink too often .

Other General Warnings

Talk to your doctor if
  • You have diabetes, psychiatric illness, brain injury, kidney or liver related problem
  • You have a history of fits, you are above the age of 60 years
  • You are taking steroids
  • You experience low or high blood sugar, consider monitoring your blood sugar frequently if you are diabetic and on antidiabetic medicine.
  • You experience nervous system related symptoms such as confusion, sleeplessness, nightmares, thoughts of harming yourself, feeling low, anxiety etc.Immediately seek medical advice.
  • You have heart problems, a history of heart attack, slow heart rate, salt imbalance
  • You have glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (an inherited disorder that affects red blood cells)
  • You have or had developed any allergic reaction after taking Eslevo Tablet
  • You are suffering from myasthenia gravis, a condition of muscle weakness. This medicine can further worsen the condition of muscle weakness.
  • Eslevo Tablet should not be used in children and adolescents.
  • This medicine is known to cause tendon rupture, nerve damage/pain (peripheral neuropathy). Be cautious and tell your doctor if you already have any of this condition before initiating the treatment.

Mode of Action of Eslevo 250 MG

How Does It Work?

Levofloxacin in Eslevo Tablet works by preventing bacterial growth by interfering with the action of specific enzymes in bacteria like DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV that helps in DNA replication, repair and recombination in bacteria.

Directions for Use of Eslevo 250 MG

  • Eslevo Tablet should be taken as directed by your doctor. Swallow it whole with a glass of water. Do not cut, break or chew the medicine.
  • It can be taken with or without food. It would be best if you took it at a fixed time for optimal results and should not consume it more than that prescribed by your doctor.

Interactions of Eslevo 250 MG

Interactions with other medicines

  • Some medicines can affect the way Eslevo Tablet works, or this medicine itself can reduce the effectiveness of other medicines taken at the same time.
  • Tell your doctor about all the medicines, supplements, or herbals you are currently taking or might take to avoid any possible interaction. Also, you should inform your doctor if you have a planned surgery or vaccination scheduled.
  • Especially if you are taking medicines to treat your heart problems, brain disorders, other antibiotics, blood thinners, painkillers, steroids.
  • Medicines containing aluminium, magnesium or sucralfate used for acidity problem should be taken with a minimum gap of 2 hours with Eslevo Tablet.
  • Other medicines such as methotrexate, cimetidine, probenecid should be used cautiously along with Eslevo Tablet.
  • Dietary supplements that contain iron may affect the way this tablet works, therefore, this medicine should be taken two hours prior or after having any product that contains iron.

Storage and disposal of Eslevo 250 MG

  • Store Eslevo Tablet at room temperature in a clean and dry place, protected from moisture, sunlight and heat.
  • Keep the medicine away from children and pets.
  • Discard any unused medicine properly. Do not flush in the toilet or throw it into the drain.

Dosage of Eslevo 250 MG


Symptoms of overdose are dizziness, nausea, confusion, unconsciousness, fits. Seek immediate medical help if you experience any of the symptoms or think you have taken too much of this medicine.

Missed a Dose

For optimum effect, doses of antibiotics should not be missed. If you missed any dose of Eslevo Tablet take it as soon as you remember. If it’s time for your next dose then skip the missed dose and continue with your regular dosing schedule. Do not take a double dose of medicine to compensate for the missed one.

FAQ’s About Eslevo 250mg Tablet 21’s

Q: Does Eslevo Tablet cause diarrhoea?
A: Yes, you may experience diarrhoea as a side effect after taking Eslevo Tablet. If you have severe diarrhoea, reach out to your doctor.
Q: Can I discontinue taking Eslevo Tablet if I feel my condition is improving?
A: No, you should not stop taking Eslevo Tablet in the middle of the treatment, doing so may cause reinfection or bacterial resistance. Antibiotics must be taken for the complete prescribed duration.


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