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Shahnaz Husain has introduced umpteen number of skin care products that will help you in reviving and nourishing your skin. The Shahnaz Husain Diamond Soap is made of an exclusive formula that consists of essential plant extracts and diamond. This Soap from Shahnaz Husain acts as a scrub and removes dead skin cells from the epidermis through a gentle dermabrasive action. This will refine the texture of your skin and give it a very smooth finish. Regular use of this Shahnaz Husain Diamond Soap will reduce the signs of ageing on your skin. Your skin will become more hydrated and it will regain its elasticity that will make the skin look young and glowing. Your skin will be exposed to environmental pollution that can cause damage to the skin cells. The Ayurvedic Shahnaz Diamond Soap will fight the various adverse effects of pollution and protect your skin from damage. After using this Diamond Soap from Shahnaz Husain your skin will appear cleaner, brighter and beautiful. This soap is an ideal age-control skin cleanser for all skin types. Directions for use • Wet the entire body. • Apply the Shahnaz Husain Diamond Soap and use water to build a rich lather. • Rinse away all the lather completely to reveal revitalized and glowing skin.


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