Cocofair (Coconut Ginseng Fairness Cream) 50 gm


Cocofair (Coconut Ginseng Fairness Cream) 50 gm

Cocofair (Coconut Ginseng Fairness Cream) 50 gm


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Cocofair Coconut Ginseng Fairness Cr?me is manufactured with a unique formula that visibly lightens skin complexion and makes it fairer. This cocofair cr?me brings out a natural radiant glow on your face with the help of herbal active ingredients like extracts of ginseng, coconut, lemon peel, tulsi and milk enzymes. Enriched with the goodness of these extraordinary ingredients and made with renowned Ayurvedic principles and recipes, cocofair serves as a revolutionary fairness cr?me. It will definitely make you the centre of everybody?s attention by giving you a naturally healthy sparkling and shiny look. Following are the penetrating actions the active natural ingredients in this herbal fairness cr?me have on your skin:

Ginseng Extracts promote skin tissue regeneration.

Tulsi Extracts are antiseptic & anti-blemish in nature.

Coconut Extracts nourish & hydrate skin.

Lemon Peel is a natural source of Vitamin C and thus curbs melanin production to whiten your skin effectively.

Milk Enzymes rejuvenate & nourish the skin.

Besides these impeccable actions on your skin, cocofair also reduces skin tanning and cleanses the skin deeply to make you fairer each day. You just need to wash your face, clean it with a quality cleanser and then lavishly massage this result-oriented fairness cr?me all over your face and neck gently with your fingertips. You will notice your dull, lifeless face reforming into a glowing fairer face within only a few days. For best and quick results, you can apply the cr?me twice a day.


• Visibly lightens your skin complexion and brightens your skin.
• Tones skin for curbing any skin imperfections or uneven tone to give you a healthy radiant glow.
• Comprises of all pure herbal ingredients and thus does not cause any skin allergies or irritation.
• Has a long shelf life as only a small quantity is sufficient for an application.
• Easy to use and readily absorbs in the skin.


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