Camphor Ice Foot Cream 50 gm


Camphor Ice Foot Cream 50 gm

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Your feet go through a lot of hard work every day and yet they are occasionally cared for. Especially with women who are already fluxed in balancing their professional and personal life in high heels, it is more natural not to have time for this type of luxury. In absence of proper care and attention, they tend to lose their natural fitness, health and beauty. Although you cannot avoid all that important and miscellaneous footwork, you can still soothe, relax and enhance the natural beauty and moisture of your feet with very little care.

Camphor Ice Foot Crme is one of the best solution for your tired and demanding feet. You can observe noteworthy and soothing results with just one time application of this magical formula every day. It does not simply rehydrate your feet and make it baby soft but its aromatic fragrance curbs the foul odor experienced by people with sweaty feet over a period of time.

Camphor is one of the most renowned and useful herbal indigenous drugs of India, popular for its extraordinary medicinal and aromatic properties. It is generally found in the wood of an evergreen Asian tree, Camphor Laurel, or Cinnamomum Camphora and holds high religious value for Indians. Camphora is an active ingredient in many cooling gels and anti-itch cr?mes as it is antimicrobial in nature and produces a cooling effect to the skin, similar to that of menthol.

Using Camphor Ice Foot Cr?me will be the best gift you could possibly think of for your precious and demanding feet. Also being herbal and antimicrobial in nature, this cr?me will have no side effects on your feet, no matter how sensitive or what type of skin you have. Experience this whole new product specially designed to give you happy feet and fall in love with your feet again.


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