Bio Peppermint (Fresh-Kiss Lip Balm)


Bio Peppermint (Fresh-Kiss Lip Balm)

Bio Peppermint (Fresh-Kiss Lip Balm)


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Bio Peppermint (Fresh-Kiss Lip Balm)

Peppermint is a popular and effectively soothing base ingredient in a variety of cosmetic products, especially for skin. As the skin of lips is more delicate than the skin of other body parts, peppermint lip balms are a favourable option for many as they extensively soothe and hydrate dry, chapped or cracked lips. The infinite curative and cooling properties of the key ingredient peppermint in this revolutionary Bio Peppermint Fresh Kiss Lip Balm are able to solve many skin problems. It is the best possible solution for dry and flaky skin as it efficiently treats and nourishes chapped lips to make them satiny soft and kiss ready. So now soothe your lips? irritated & dry skin and replace it with enchanting and kissable lips.

Arjun, Lodhra, Badam, Erandi and Kusumbhi are other important constituents of this lip balm that help in further softening your lips so that they feel healthier, supple and gorgeous instantly. This herbal peppermint lip balm has a deep and fresh minty fragrance that stays long and rejuvenates your mind and senses. It works well as a unisex lip balm and as a moisturizing base for lipsticks as it is not particularly tinted.

Pros of Bio Peppermint Fresh Kiss Lip Balm:

1) Contains peppermint as the key ingredient that is renowned for its curative properties.

2) Moisturizes and hydrates the sensitive skin of your lips gently.

3) Heals dry, chapped and cracked lips.

4) Makes lips super soft and supple.

5) Contains all natural skin perfecting ingredients.

6) Fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin.

7) Does not make a white cast on your lips.

8) Leaves a mild rejuvenating fragrance behind.

9) Has a long shelf life.

10) Decently priced and is value for money.


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