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The uses of bio-oil are endless, but here are the top ways to use it:
Slather on stretch marks and results can be seen in eight weeks.
Lightens scars in just four weeks
Reduce the appearance of blotchiness and uneven skin tone. An improvement can be seen in six weeks of the use
Fades away dark acne scars due to a breakout. Use bio oil for acne scars
Banish dry skin by creating non-greasy protective layer over the skin to prevent dryness and protect against moisture loss
Rejuvenate and nourishes aging skin
Prevent peeling and soothe sunburned skin
Its application on your lobes after too much sun exposure treat and prevent flaking
Treats dryness after a tattoo removal
Smoothened dry and cracked heels and make your feet sandal friendly
Moisturize dry and cracked elbows to make them soft and glowing
Moisturize and protect your hands by preventing peeling of cuticles
Help reduce itching and flaking of the scalp
Prevent scarring if massaged after the removal of a mole or suspicious lump
Act as a savior during winters that helps flakiness disappear
Functions as a night cream by promoting even skin tone and fight dryness when used during bedtime
Reduces under eye darkness or dark circles
Relax your skin by using it as a massage oil
Soften your pout
Calms your joints during a stressful day
Good for oily skin too


Purcellin oil: It comes from the preen gland oil ducks. It reduces the thickness of the formulation, easing its absorption into the skin instead of acting superficially.
Vitamin A: It helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin as well as skin texture and tone.
Vitamin E: A nutrient to the skin as well as an antioxidant that help neutralize free radicals, which are responsible for causing damage and prematurely aging skin. It plays a vital role in anti-inflammatory processes. The component makes the skin softer and smoother by increasing the moisture content of the epidermis.
Chamomile oil: Its skin repairing, regenerating, and strengthening properties keep your skin young and refreshing. The essential oil eases the blemishes and evens out the skin tone.
Rosemary oil: An aromatic herbal oil belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is rich in healthy properties like essential acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. It is one of the most popular aromatherapy, which is commonly used for healing and purification. The natural oil replaces the damage skin tissue, thus reducing the appearance of dark spots. Its regular application removes wrinkles and bags on the skin.
Calendula oil: The herbal oil soothes inflamed, sore, and itchy skin conditions. It also assists in soothing and softening the skin, making it a good addition to massage oils. It is capable of clarifying and stimulate the growth of new skin cells.
Lavender oil: It restores skin moisture and reduces acne. One of the most used essential oils worldwide. It slows down the aging process with powerful antioxidants and provides calming and soothing benefits.
Even though Bio-oil is an oil, it is known as a dry oil, which has the ability to absorb into the skin in an instant without making the skin greasy and oily. So, it would not cause any breakout. It can be use either way, but remember not go out after applying it. Try to apply it mostly when you are at home as outdoor pollutants can stick to your skin and cause skin conditions like blackheads, whiteheads, or acne. Also, try to use it at bedtime as at this time, our skin tries to heal and repair the damage cause throughout the day. Be careful about the amount do not use more than 5 to 6 drops on the face.


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