Bio Honey Cream 100% Soap Free 190 ml


Bio Honey Cream 100% Soap Free 190 ml

Bio Honey Cream 100% soap free


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Bio Honey Cream 100% soap free is said to be the nectar of life. It is composed of brightening & healing sugars, minerals, vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5 & B3 and traces of zinc, copper and iodine which have the tremendous property to purify, soothe and heal the skin. Thus, honey has been used in the manufacturing of several cosmetic products including shampoos, body washes, face washes and lip balms because of its infinite cosmetic properties.

Manufactured with effective ancient Ayurvedic recipes and recent bio-technological innovations, Bio Honey Cream 100 % Soap Free Body Wash is completely and purely organic, toxic free, preservative free and dermatologically tested. This is a soap-free cream skin lighting body wash gel is made up of a harmonious blend of pure honey, coconut oil, winter cherry, galangal and soap nut. These active ingredients gently cleanse and brighten skin and promise the present of a fresher and fairer body. This impeccable honey body wash lathers into rich and easy to rinse suds to wash away the impurities on your skin, without disturbing the skin’s natural pH balance.

Experience a flawless healthy skin with a very clear and pleasing scented liquid which refreshes your senses instantly. This Bio Honey Cream 100% soap free product also falls easy on your pocket as it is made from complete herbal ingredients and works a rich lather from a very small quantity. You will definitely love the new feel of your moisturized and smooth skin. Your body skin will feel more alive and repaired with every bath and it will remain this hydrated throughout the day. So no need to carry a moisturizer with you for those constant hassled-up touch ups. The dryness and break outs in your skin will seem to be a problem of the past and you will totally forget about it. Just enjoy your new silky smooth skin this winter with the everyday use of this magical herbal body wash.




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