Apricot Scrub (Face and Body Scrub) 60 gm


Apricot Scrub (Face and Body Scrub) 60 gm

Apricot Scrub (Face and Body Scrub)


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Apricot Scrub (Face and Body Scrub) are several unavoidable factors like sun exposure, city pollution and environmental changes that extract life out of your delicate skin and make it dull and lifeless. This calls for deep exfoliation and cleansing in order to shed away the dead skin. Trust only this Apricot Scrub for ensuring complete body care as it cleanses your skin pores; meanwhile dislodging the dead skin to make you look cleaner and more radiant. This Apricot Scrub (Face and Body Scrub) revolutionary herbal body scrub comes packed with the optimum goodness of extraordinary herbal ingredients like Aloe Vera Juice, Apricot Oil, Apricot Grains and Carrot Seed Oil.

This exclusive face & body scrub has apricot grains and a creamy texture due to which exfoliating your skin becomes very easy. Experience a whole new stunning experience as this result-oriented gentle scrub gives you a squeaky clean appearance, without leaving a sticky feel or an overpowering fragrance behind. Besides these profound beautifying benefits, this scrub also works wonders in removing your everyday suntan, if used regularly.


1) Comes in a sturdy easy to use and travel friendly packaging.

2) Moisturizes your skin deeply to make it satiny smooth and glowing

3) Does not leave behind an over powering fragrance.

4) Pocket friendly and a huge quantity is provided.

5) Removes daily sun tan to make your skin squeaky clean.

6) Efficiently exfoliates your skin to enhance your skin tone.

7) Contains all naturally sound herbal ingredients.

8) Does not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives.

9) Fit to be used by all skin types.

10) Does not have a harsh action on your tender skin like other conventional scrubs.


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