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Acne and pimples are a horrifying sight for anybody. Besides ruining your appearance, this skin infection also hampers your personality and self-confidence. It is one of the most common skin troubles that keeps coming and going, especially in such severe environmental conditions and hectic life schedules. Fight this problem off withAcne Magic Soap that is enriched with the antiseptic and healing properties of pure herbs like Sandalwood, Turmeric and Neem. This acne pimple soap serves as an Ayurvedic treatment, a perfect remedy to treat skin infections like acne and pimples and their marks.

It controls the activity of Sebaceous Glands in skin to make your skin clear and pimple-free within half a month, with regular usage. This herbal acne soap fights off skin bacteria to give you a unique healthy glow, thus efficiently removing acne, pimples and blemishes. It deeply cleanses and purifies your skin with its unique anti microbial and antiseptic formula and absorbs all the toxins and excess oil on your skin to noticeably reduce and prevent acne and pimples.


1) Deeply cleans and cleanses your skin.

2) Acts as a profound purifying antiseptic and antimicrobial agent.

3) Fights against bacteria to prevent skin infections.

4) Makes complexion noticeably fairer and brighter.

5) Visibly reduces acne and pimples on your skin.

6) Effectively tightens skin pores and lightens blemishes to give you a clearer look.

7) Nourishes your skin to make your skin soft, smooth & supple.

8) Contains herbal ingredients with enormous antiseptic properties.

9) Does not cause any side effects & is thus fit to be used by all skin types.

10) Decently priced & has a long shelf life.


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