Anjeer & Carrot Sun Block SPF45 50 gm


Anjeer & Carrot Sun Block SPF45 50 gm

Anjeer & Carrot Sun Block SPF45 50 gm


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Sun protection is the major concern for all before leaving out the house in this crouching heat and a sparkling sun on your head. Anjeer & Carrot Sunblock with SPF 45 is designed & manufactured using the modern production tools & techniques, which let the goodness of pure herbal ingredients involved to form a thin shield on your skin against the harmful effects of UVA & UVB sunrays. These extraordinary herbs included in this Herbal Sunblock Cream are Anjeer, Carrot, Sandalwood and natural Vitamin E. This Anjeer & Carrot Sunblock Cream with SPF-45 is totally sweat-proof and water-proof, which makes it even more efficient in imparting the benefits of the natural ingredients involved in the product to your skin.

It visibly enhances your skin?s texture and complexion, meanwhile maintaining the perfect moisturization level on your skin to ensure it neither becomes oily, nor dry. The intense blend of pure natural herbs with modern day technology in this sunblock makes your skin healthier and fairer day by day, even in harsh climatic conditions. This result-oriented sunblock works wonders in protecting your precious skin from the harmful sunrays and various polluting agents in the environment that your skin is exposed to on a daily basis.


• Contains all pure herbal ingredients to form a thin protective layer on your skin.
• Suitable to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin.
• Fights against harmful UVA & UVB sunrays that damage and darken your skin.
• Improves your skin complexion and evens your skin tone.
• Comes in a sturdy & hygienic packaging.
• Has a long shelf life.
•  Is decently priced and is value for money.
• Has a sound consistency and the cream blends in easily in the skin.
• Leaves a mild pleasant smell behind that lasts long.


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