Aloe Vera Moisturising Lotion (For Normal to Oily Skin) 100 gm


Aloe Vera Moisturising Lotion (For Normal to Oily Skin) 100 gm

Aloe Vera Moisturising Lotion (For Normal to Oily Skin) 100 gm


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Due to its extraordinary medicinal & cosmetic properties, Aloe Vera has been extensively used in cosmetic products. It is renowned to heal and moisturize the skin like no other ingredient. With the extreme goodness of Aloe Vera extracts, Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion has been designed and made using traditional formulations and developed through latest technology. This herbal moisturizing lotion works wonders for normal to oily skin and protects skin from harsh weather or climatic conditions. This Herbal Aloe Vera Lotion maintains the right level of moisturization on your skin, extracting the excess oils to give you a matte look that stays with you throughout the day. It visibly reduces the appearance of skin pores and evens out your uneven skin tone so that you can flaunt a clean and clear complexion.

Enjoy that celebrity like soft & supple skin with this non-greasy moisturizer that is ultra light in texture to get absorbed in your skin easily and does not feel heavy at all on your skin post application. Major beneficial ingredients in this magical cosmetic include extracts of Aloe Vera, Apple, Peach and Sandalwood. These ingredients are popular universally for their skin perfecting benefits that lasts long and a perfect blend of these herbs in this lotion makes your skin healthier with each use.


1) Provides long lasting deep moisturization, without making the skin greasy.

2) Specially designed for people with normal to oily skin, thus curbing the oily skin problems like acne.

3) Restores your original skin tone.

4) Enriched with the goodness of pure herbal skin moisturizing ingredients.

5) Comes in a sturdy & hygienic packaging.

6) Has a long shelf life due to easily spreadable consistency.

7) Decently priced and is value for money.

8) Leaves a refreshing mild scent behind to rejuvenate your senses.

9) Makes skin very soft, smooth and supple.

10) Does not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives.


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