Almondyouth (Almond Anti Wrinkle Creme) 50 gm

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Almondyouth (Almond Anti Wrinkle Creme) 50 gm

Almondyouth (Almond Anti Wrinkle Creme)


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Almondyouth (Almond Anti Wrinkle Creme) has revolutionized the world of anti ageing cosmetics as it is enriched with natural ingredients which are renowned for curbing premature skin ageing. Due to different reasons like atmospheric pollution, chlorine in water and ill health, skin loses its natural glow and becomes dull and lifeless. This Almondyouth (Almond Anti Wrinkle Creme) combines the goodness of almond oil with other essential herbal ingredients which exclusively tighten skin pores, preserve skin elasticity and bring out clear, soft and fresh skin. These extraordinary herbal ingredients include almond oil, sunflower oil and extracts of quince seed, ashwagandha & ginseng.

Apply and massage this herbal anti wrinkle creme all over face and neck with upward hand movements. Use twice a day for best results, preferably in morning and in night, before going to bed. With the regular use of this Almondyouth (Almond Anti Wrinkle Creme), you can give the gift of youth and freshness to your skin. Almond oil is an impeccable skin moisturizing agent and a rich source of Vitamin E that extensively helps in maintaining the youth, softness and natural glow of your skin. It simply nourishes your skin to delay the skin ageing process, even out your skin tone and improve the overall complexion of your skin.


• Almondyouth (Almond Anti Wrinkle Creme) is the basic ingredient in this product which is renowned for its emollient and skin perfecting qualities.
• It is made of all herbal ingredients and thus is fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin as it causes no skin allergies or irritation.
• Visibly minimizes skin ageing and makes skin youthful.
• Tightens skin pores, preserves skin elasticity and brings out clearer and fresher skin, if used regularly.
• Comes in a sturdy packaging that is hygienic and travel friendly.
• Is less expensive than other similar products in the market

1 review for Almondyouth (Almond Anti Wrinkle Creme) 50 gm

  1. ellen

    best for face glow and smooth face

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