Allcitra Syrup 100ml


Allcitra Syrup 100ml

Allcitra Syrup 100ml


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Information about Allcitra Syrup

Allcitra Syrup is primarily composed of Disodium Hydrogen Citrate, an acid neutralizer.
Being an alkylating agent of urine, it also enhances the removal of uric acid from urine during its filtration from kidneys and hence reduces the probability of formation of stones and gout also. It also aids in maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body.
In case of symptomatic Urine tract Infections, one of the most prevalent symptom is dysuria. Dysuria is often characterized by burning and painful sensation while urinating which happens due to the acidic niche created due to increased microbial load in the urinary tract. This buffering liquid eases the release of urine and also improves the perforation of the antibiotics into cells to increase their efficacy.

Allcitra Syrup is recommended during Dysuria, Urinary tract infection, Cystitis, and kidney stone formation.


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